Do the design challenge, get feedback from experts, get referred for top jobs
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Get noticed by your dream company
It feels impossible to stand out when every job application is the same templated form, with the same generic fields, and the same unrealistic requirements. When you complete a Dash, you have the chance to get your work sent to leading startups with our stamp of approval.
Learn through feedback from top product designers
Feedback is crucial to growing and improving in your career as a product designer. We give feedback on every challenge you complete to hone your skills to unlock your potential.
How it works
Complete this week's challenge
We launch a design challenge via email every two weeks. Read the active challenge and complete it to the best of your ability. Be yourself and let your personality shine through.
Get feedback from industry experts
Our team of veteran product managers and designers will go through your work and leave feedback to help you level up your skills and grow as a product designer.
Get referred for jobs at top startups
We send top submissions to our network of startups and tech companies. If they see a fit, we put you in touch with them. Our goal is to get you hired.
You own 100% of the work you complete in challenges and Dash is 100% free
We want to give you an edge on your journey as a product designer by sending you industry grade briefs, giving you feedback on the challenges you complete, and referring you for jobs at top startups. The work you complete is yours, and only yours, to use however you want. We encourage you to display it in your portfolio.